New Bern city leaders begin plans to re-develop low-income housing flooded during Hurricane Florence

Published: Jan. 11, 2019 at 8:43 PM EST
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A low-income housing development in New Bern could have a very different look in the years to come, as one housing authority moves forward with plans to redevelop a high-risk site.

Trent Court was one of the hardest hit areas of New Bern during Hurricane Florence.

With 108 units vacated since the storm, the Housing Authority of New Bern is ready to move forward with plans for re-development of the site, but at least one alderman has some concerns because the property has often flooded.

Housing Authority Director Martin Blaney says the re-development plan would consist of the demolition of 12 buildings on site that have been condemned. He also says it would be up to the developers to plan how to prevent the re-developed site from flooding again.

Blaney says any re-developed site will include affordable income housing, and any current residents that want to return, will have that option.

"It may not be exactly the same architecture, but it would be some compatible, something attractive, something that would blend in with Tryon Palace, Pollock St. We made the commitment that if we relocate you, you can come back, you will get a preference on coming back," he said.

The Housing Authority hopes to have activity on the demolition of the 12 condemned units by the end of the year.