New Bern and North Pitt High Schools join statewide pilot math program

NEW BERN, NC (WITN) - Students in two Eastern NC schools are taking part in a statewide pilot amth program to help boost their math skills.

Twice a week, a teacher from the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics in Durham virtually joins a pre-calculus class at New Bern High school.

It's part of a pilot program funded by the state college board.

Five teachers in the state are taking part in the program which has been in place since February. Instead of students simply learning formulas and equations, they are learning how to apply that information into real world applications.

New Bern High School Junior, Jake Kirby, said, "I think the pilot program is a great opportunity for me to expand my learning knowledge with math, I mean it's not one of my best subjects but with this I get two perspectives on how to do things."

The pilot program is currently being used in five classrooms in the state including North Pitt High School.