New Bern and Jacksonville airports back open

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ONSLOW COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) - Snowfall and ice continue to cause headaches for travelers all across the east and not only for those traveling by car but also those trying to travel by air.

While the Pitt-Greenville Airport remains closed, two other area airports are open.

Flights resumed at Coastal Carolina Airport in New Bern Friday morning, and Albert J. Ellis Airport in Onslow County is open, but many flights remain delayed or canceled.

The director of OAJ, Chris White, says the airport reopened at 3 p.m. Thursday after being closed due to five inches of snowfall and a quarter inch of sleet.

In the time they were closed, snowplows worked for nearly 18 hours to clear the runway and taxiway.

White says there are some Delta and American Airline trips that are still scheduled for Friday evening, but more delays will be in store due to winter weather across the country.

"From down in Florida all the way up to Maine, so it's disrupted flights at numerous hubs from multiple cities, so it's taken a little bit of time for the airlines to get pilots and planes where they need in order to reset," White tells WITN.

"Well, we were traveling with Delta and up until we left the hotel, everything was on time, but upon arrival, of course, we found out our flight was canceled," says Joe Orona, who is traveling to Italy. "The kids have already missed a lot of school and we kind of need to get back for that."

In total, White says they had 33 miles of lane they had to clear on the airfield. He says it's crucial that it's clear so planes can take off and land safely.

Many of the travelers with delayed or canceled flights tell WITN that this travel mess has cut into their New Year plans. Some of them needed to return to work as early as this upcoming Monday.

OAJ is encouraging travelers to download their airline's mobile app to get immediate alerts to any changes in their travel itinerary.