Nearly $400 million for Eastern Carolina military bases could be used to build border wall

Nearly $400 million in military construction projects here in Eastern Carolina could be impacted by President Donald Trump's move to declare a national emergency and build a wall on the Mexican border.

The Pentagon sent the list to Congress Monday evening, amounting to $12.9 billion in Department of Defense building projects that have yet to have construction projects awarded.

The Trump Administration wants to use $3.6 billion in DOD construction funds to build the border wall.

Here in Eastern Carolina, Camp Lejeune has more than $180 million in projects on the list, including $65.7 million to build a replacement base sewage plant at Hadnot Point and $58.7 million to construct new medical and dental clinics on base.

At Cherry Point Air Station, nearly $154 million is listed, including $23.3 million for airfield security improvements, $60 million for a new maintenance hangar, and $15.7 million for an F-35B test facility.

New River Air Station has $32.5 on the list, which would be used to build replacements for medical and dental clinics

$49.5 million is Seymour Johnson Air Force Base's total, which includes $17.1 million for a new air traffic control tower, and $20 million to build a tanker truck delivery system on base.

The Pentagon has not said which of the hundreds of projects on the list would be cut or delayed to build the wall.

Congress has already voiced their opposition to Trump's national security declaration, a measure the president quickly vetoed.

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