NCDOT crew saves kitten thrown off bridge in the Outer Banks

Published: May. 19, 2017 at 7:50 PM EDT
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Tapping into his nine lives, a kitten in the Outer Banks is okay after someone tossed him off of a bridge.

It happened around 7 a.m. Wednesday at the Old Manns Harbor Bridge.

No one else was on the water, but for an NCDOT crew working beneath the bridge.

They say someone drove across, and about a mile out, without stopping they tossed the small kitten into the water.

The crew saw it happening, but didn't know what it was at first.

"We saw something fly over the bridge, wasn't sure what it was at first, maybe a piece of trash or something, and a couple minutes later, we saw whatever it was swimming, trying to swim, barely moving, so we unhooked the boat, drove over there and sure enough, it was a baby kitten, barely still kicking," says Reece Newman, a NCDOT inspector.

The three men rescued the kitten and took him to the vet and amazingly, he was okay.

Newman named him Bridger Catfish and decided to give him a home, where Bridger is doing great.