NC Symphony Strings Quartet performs at Wahl Coates Elementary

GREENVILLE, NC (WITN) - Students at Wahl Coates Elementary School got a special musical treat Tuesday.

The North Carolina Symphony String Quartet played for students at the Greenville elementary school. During the year, the Symphony String Quartet travels around the state and plays at different schools.

Members of the quartet say playing in schools is a great way to introduce music to children at an early age.

David Kilbride is the assistant principal second violin with the symphony and said the earlier musicians can have an arts experience with the children, the longer they will carry the experience with them as they grow up.

Kilbride also said they try to get involved around age nine with the children and show them how a full orchestra happens and how to explore melody, harmony, and tempo.

He said, "We have a lot more interaction in our smaller concerts where we can get the kids moving and demonstrating rhythm and steady beat, and we can get them up on stage with us even to take part in the show a little bit."

Kilbride added, these events get kids thinking about playing an instrument in the future and he hopes it will be a stringed instrument.