NC Highway Patrol fallen officer memorialized

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WASHINGTON (GrayDC) It’s National Police Week in the nation’s capital. Thousands of people from around the country are in D.C. to honor fallen officers, including family members.
What started as Peace Officers Memorial Day more than 60 years ago has expanded to a whole week of events including a candlelight vigil and a Peace Officers memorial service.

North Carolina Trooper Kevin Conner's family said it was his lifelong dream to be a police officer. They said he died doing what he loved. (Source: Gray DC)

North Carolina Trooper Kevin Conner’s name was announced at the National Mall during the Peace Officers Ceremony.

“They’re honoring Daddy,” said son Braxson Conner, about his trip to Washington.

North Carolina Highway Patrol Trooper Kevin Conner, 38, was murdered during a routine traffic stop in Columbus County on October 17, 2018.

“It was very hard,” said daughter Briley Conner, at the news of her father’s death.

“Hardest thing ever…it’s the news you kind of know always could happen but you hope it will never come to your door,” said wife Miranda Conner.

Miranda Conner and her children 12-year-old Briley and 6-year-old Braxson are in Washington, D.C. to pay tribute to a loving husband and father. They laid flowers on the Capitol lawn in front of thousands at the National Peace Officers ceremony…just one way of keeping his memory alive—honoring a man who was killed doing what he loved.

“From the time he was 4 years old, he told his mom he was going to be a trooper one day and that’s what he did…that was his lifelong dream,” said Conner.

Trooper Kevin Conner’s name now appears on the Law Enforcement Memorial wall, one of 158 officers who died or were killed in the line of duty in 2018.

As for Trooper Conner’s family, they miss him every day so much. He was their hero.

“I would say okay, let’s go to McDonald’s and he’d say okay let’s go, hop in the truck and go. It didn’t matter what we were doing, just go,” said Briley.

“Played with me, took me fishing, hunting, took me to the beach,” said son Braxson.

“He was a great dad, fun, wild,” said his wife.

National Police Week lasts until Saturday.

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