State's commercial fishing industry still feeling impacts from Hurricane Florence

CARTERET COUNTY, NC (WITN) - Governor Roy Cooper was back in the East Thursday touring the ongoing Hurricane Florence recovery efforts and focusing concern on the commercial fishing industry.

The governor spent much of his time meeting with commercial fishing and oyster farmers who have felt the impacts from the hurricane.

Directly impacted or not, most fisherman lost about a months worth of work. Damaged boats, docks and freezers all had an impact on the amount of work they have received since the storm.

Beaufort Inlet Seafood Owner, Brent Fulcher, says they are working to get back on track and don't plan to let the storm aftermath and recovery period derail the work they do for our economy.

Fulcher said, "Its been difficult but we are strong and we are going to make it through. The seafood industry is the same way. Fisherman were displaced and some of their homes and lives were turned upside down."

Officials say it will be a year or two before the total impacts to the commercial fishing industry in the state are known.