Mother Earth OK for now as brewing industry impacted by government shutdown

KINSTON, NC (WITN) The government shutdown is affecting industries you may not expect.

Breweries are regulated by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau also known as the TTB, and the agency is closed Wednesday.

"If we were to come up with a new brand of beer, we would not be able to get federal label approval," said Trent Mooring, the President of Mother Earth Brewing in Kinston.

Mother Earth is about to add 15 new brews to its taproom which is undergoing renovations but the brewery says it hasn't been affected by the shutdown because it filed its paperwork before it began.

Mooring says the brewery has been affected by a shutdown in the past which delayed the licensing for Mother Earth's distillery by almost a year.

"When they came back on, they were very, very backlogged," said Mooring, "especially in the crowded beer market in North Carolina and the U.S. right now, you've gotta be efficient."

Staff says it is possible they could feel some effects from the current shutdown if it continues.

"If it continues for much longer, you know we might have a kink or an issue down the road but I hope they get it resolved soon," said Mother Earth's Brewing Operations Director Matthew Hart.

The TTB's website says they will resume regular service as soon as possible once funding is restored and the government shutdown ends.

Mother Earth plans to complete taproom renovations and add those new drafts to their menu in early February.