Morehead City residents take precaution after town employee tests positive for COVID-19

MOREHEAD CITY, N.C. (WITN) -- Carteret County is now home to seven cases of COVID-19, with health officials in Morehead City confirming Saturday that a city employee has tested positive for the virus.

One resident reacting to the news says he's now concerned about simply leaving the house.

"When you go out in public you don't know who has it and who doesn't have it so you've got to be kind of cautious about it," said Talon Harstine.

A caution that is growing state wide as more and more people test positive for the virus each day.

Even in the difficult time, some residents are focusing on the positives.

On Friday, President Trump signed the $2.2 trillion economic relief package.

"We cant go to work so this is a wonderful idea," said Morehead City resident Maria Rodriguez.

The relief package will give direct, one-time payments to those impacted by the pandemic-- $1,200 per adult, $2,400 per couple and $500 per child.

Rodriguez cleans houses for a living. She is out of work because of the pandemic and says the money will help her with the bills that don't stop.

"It's going to help me pay for my mortgage, my house, my bills because everything is tough right now," Rodriguez added.

Kamron Bryant, whose felt the impacts as well as a student switching to online classes, believes the money will do the most good for those people out of work.

"Those families that are being laid off right now i think that's going to help them out greatly," Bryant explained.

The direct payments to people start phasing out if you're an individual who makes more than $75,000, and for couples who make more than $150,000.

After the most recent case was announced on Saturday, officials in Carteret County say they are working with the appropriate parties to notify them of potential exposure.