Maysville water switch financially challenging

MAYSVILLE, JONES COUNTY (WITN) One Eastern Carolina town is enduring a financial burden after switching its water supply.

Maysville made the switch from the town to Jones County's water supply after finding high levels of a man-made chemical, PFAS, in it in June. Four months later, it's still a mystery where exactly the chemical came from and how it got into the water.

Although the water with PFAS was up to legal standards, the unknowns of its health effects prompted the switch. However, the town manager, Schumata Brown, said using Jones County's water is a financial burden. ​ "It's costing us about $10,000 a month to be on Jones County water relative to what it might have cost us, 5, you know to produce our own water., you know 'cause again we're paying for every drop."

The town is planning to install a new filtration system to get back on the town's supply. The only thing stopping that progress is the stalled state budget. "We can't get a budget passed and there's money in there to fix this situation. I mean that's very frustrating to sit here and say, 'hey I can't provide my citizens water because my lawmakers can't you know agree on a state budget," said Brown.

The new filtration system would effectively remove all traces of PFAS. As of now, there is no timeline to install it.

Brown says he hopes to be back on the town's own water system by this time next year.​