RIVER ALERT: Neuse River in Kinston falls below major flood stage

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The list of rivers below contains current levels, along with some of the crests and comparable Floyd levels.

Latest River Levels and Forecasts (As of Thursday morning):

Tar River at Greenville:
Current: 16.06 ft. and falling
Forecast: Crested at 24.46 ft. Friday night. Below minor flood stage (13.0 ft.) by late Saturday.
Floyd Level: 29.74 ft.

Neuse River at Kinston:
Current: 20.93 ft. and falling
Forecast: Crested at 28.31 ft. Friday night. Falling below moderate stage (18.0 ft.) Friday.
Floyd Level: 27.7 ft.

Neuse River near Fort Barnwell:
Current: 16.21 ft. and falling
Crest: Near 20.50 ft. this past weekend
Floyd Level: 22.75 ft.
At 14.0 ft...The river threatens homes on the north bank
of the river up to River Road. Many acres of farm land flooded.

Swifts Creek at Streets Ferry
Current: 6.46 ft. and slowly falling.
Forecast: Crested Saturday.
Moderate Flood Stage: 6.0 ft.
At 6.0 feet...Homes flooded along Streets Ferry Road south
of Swift Creek bridge to Piney Neck Road.