Marvin Daugherty's last day at WITN

We have bittersweet news to report today. After 34 years at WITN, this is Marvin Daugherty’s last day at the station.

Marvin has been working a few days a week at the station for more than a year, but he is now ready to enter into retirement so he can fully relax and spend time with his family. Before he moved into his part-time position, he was WITN's chief meteorologist for 20 years.

We can’t thank Marvin enough for his dedication to Eastern Carolina and his kindness. We will miss him dearly.

The picture on this story is Marvin with anchor Lynnette Taylor at his retirement party last night at the station. It was a pleasure to honor him.

Marvin will still represent WITN through Holiday Vacations, and we also won’t hesitate to call him if a hurricane churns our way!

We hope you’ll tune in tonight on WITN News at 6 as we take a special look at Marvin’s legacy, and we hope you’ll share your comments on this story or on our Facebook to wish him the best.