Martin General Hospital officially closes O.B./Delivery unit at hospital

Published: Oct. 21, 2019 at 9:53 PM EDT
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A beloved unit of an Eastern Carolina hospital will not reopen Tuesday morning.

Last month, county commissioners unanimously voted to close labor and delivery services at Martin General Hospital.

Their decision was met with disapproval by both nurses and mothers who rely on the unit.

The Interim CEO of Martin General Hospital John Jacobson said other nearby hospitals have the same services.

He says the decision was not easy and was made based on the fact that 50% of O.B. patients opted to deliver at other birth centers rather than in Williamston.

Jacobson said it would be costly to continue services with these numbers.

Angela Knox is a mother and has agoraphobia, a phobia where he's prone to having panic attacks if she leaves her comfort zone in Williamston, said having a baby outside of the area will be difficult.

"I can't go 20, 30 minutes away right now without having a panic attack. So it was very easy to go to this hospital," said Knox.

The County Manager said the Martin County Transit can transport expecting mothers in need of O.B. care to other nearby birthing centers run by Vidant Health.

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