Martin Community College students head back to school with horses

MARTIN COUNTY, NC (WITN) When your college has an equine program, heading back to school means taking your horse with you.

And as Martin Community College students showed up for orientation Thursday, some also had their horses with them.

Those are the students enrolled in the Equine Technology program.

Those students that choose to bring their own horses have to show vaccination records to the college.

They learn how to give shots for illnesses like Triple-E as part of the curriculum.

Mary Dalcourt manages the MCC Barn and says their horses are vaccinated every six months, especially important with six deadly cases of EEE in the state.

Dalcourt says, "It's definitely something we think about. I mean it's not too far off but we're pretty confident with our vaccine protocol and stuff that our horses are protected."

The State Department of Agriculture says all six horses in our state killed by Triple-E this year either had no record of vaccination or were not vaccinated by a licensed vet.