Many in East unable to pay rent due on 1st of month

NEW BERN, NC (WITN) - A new month means a new cycle of bills and for renters and many homeowners, the first of the month means the rent or mortgage is due.

Due dates vary for homeowners, but if they owe a mortgage, it is due sometime within the month.

Paying rent this month is seen as an added burden for a pair of now out-of-work Trent Court residents in New Bern and so many others in the East, state, and country.

Resident Kimberly White said, "At night if I do feel like I’m going to get frustrated or overwhelmed, I go to my secret place and cry."

Some, like Kelly Beals, takes another approach. Beals said, “Just trying to keep everything as normal as I can and not freak out."

Both were recently laid off when their businesses were forced to cut back and they both have children and grandchildren in their homes.

Even though their jobs stopped, the bills keep coming, but they said they’re relying on their faith to make it.

"My main thing is to leave it in the hands of the lord and go from there," said one resident. It’s the same thought echoed by the other.

"Just take it in stride and just rely on God and give everything to him and take it one day at a time."

Housing authority managers said, they plan to work with each tenant on an individual basis and said their goal is to prevent any additional hardship to their residents.

Property managers all across the city are dealing with similar fears among their tenants. Management services is assisting those who provide proof of unemployment.

Management Services President Janie Figueroa said, "We would waive their late fees, and they wouldn't have to pay their rent in full until the end of April."

The end of April is fast approaching and fears of an extended stay at home order lingers.