Major increases discussed for Uptown Greenville parking fees

GREENVILLE, NC (WITN) - During a public meeting on Tuesday, city leaders discussed raising parking fees in Uptown Greenville.

One proposal would affect night parking after 10 p.m. While you don't currently have to pay for evening parking, the nighttime parking fee could soar from free to $15 to park.
During the day, instead of two hours of free parking, drivers would only get one free hour.
Some visitors such as Greenville resident Gabby Wade are unhappy about the idea. "I think that's a terrible idea. We parked over here so it was free so I'm a big advocate on saving money, so I think that really who's land is this, you know?" said Wade.
Another resident echoed concerns about increased parking fees. Kim Carter said, “I think some of an increase could work but 15 dollars seems a bit drastic."
Some Uptown business owners think the fees would mean could their employees would have to pay to park while working which they say equates to paying to work. They also think the higher parking rates could deter customers from shopping or dining downtown.
Greenville Special Events Liaison Core Barrett said the revenue from increased parking fees could help pay for the added cost of police enforcement at night.

"We're proposing to implement a charge to help offset some of the cost for having the police come in and work downtown," said Barrett.
No changes have been decided yet, but a second meeting will be held on Thursday, August 22nd to get additional public input before moving forward with a proposal for City Council.