Mailman leaves $2,200 tip

(KARK/NBC News) - Bars and restaurants across the country are feeling the impact of COVID-19.

Image: NBC News Channel

Little Rock, Arkansas is just one city where restaurants have been forced to close their dining rooms and offer only take-out.

The owners of Doe’s Eat Place say their customers have been very supportive and it showed when someone left a huge tip.

“It just tugged at your heart a little bit,” says Katherine Eldridge.

Eldridge says she had to cut her staff significantly, so the blows to the business are having a ripple effect.

Luckily, she said one regular, Andy, who also doubles as the mailman, helped make those blows a little softer.

“His tab was 12 dollars and some cents. He had a cheeseburger fries and a coke,” she recalls.

Eldridge was shocked when Andy handed her the receipt back and she saw the tip he left.

“It was 2,200 dollars so he had left 100 dollars for every one of our employees,” she says.

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