Louisiana police officer fatally shot on her way to work

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SHREVEPORT, LA (NBC/WITN) - A police officer in Shreveport, Louisiana has died after being shot on her way to work Wednesday night.

Authorities say the female officer wasn't on duty yet and wasn't responding to any kind of call.

The officer was shot four times, including once in the head.

She was taken to a local hospital where she was later pronounced dead.

The police department is investigating and its unclear at time time what led to the shooting.

"Right now we're asking for everyone's patience and understanding as the investigation moves forward," said Shreveport Police Cpl. Marcus Hines.

One person has been detained by police for questioning.

It's unclear whether police are searching for anyone else in connection to the case.

The Shreveport Police Officer's Association posted the following message on its Facebook page:

The Shreveport Police Officers Association would like to thank the Citizens of Shreveport for their prayers and their genuine sympathy shown to us at this critical time. We have lost one of our own. She was young, and she was beautiful. She was proving herself to be a capable professional, dedicated to serving the Citizens of Shreveport. We lift her family in prayer, and we thank you for allowing her to be a part of us. We stand ready to assist her family and her Academy Classmates. We thank the Shreveport Fire Department and their professionalism in paramedic service. It is an honor to serve with you. We thank Dr. McGauley of LSU Oschners ER and the dedicated ER staff that fought so hard with us last night. We would like to thank Mayor Perkins, Councilman Bowman, Councilman John Nickelson, and Council Grayson Boucher for their response and genuine compassion for the men and women that protect Shreveport. We thank the Fire Chief Scott Wolverton and his administrative staff for responding and standing with us in our hour of need. God Bless you all! Please continue to pray for the men and women that will work through night and every night to make Shreveport a safer place. Your prayers felt, and appreciated.