Local restaurants embracing The Great American Takeout

NEW BERN, NC (WITN) Americans are being encouraged to support their favorite local restaurant as part of a movement called 'The Great American Takeout,' which aims to help boost revenue to the businesses that are taking a hard hit due to the coronavirus.

The chairs are up and the dining rooms are empty in many local favorite spots to eat, like Cow Café in New Bern, but that doesn't mean these establishments aren't open for business.

Cow Café owner Mildred Green says, "Today we're seeing a pick up, the sun is shining, we're optimistic, we're ready for business, takeout, pickup, curbside we've got it covered."

Buddy Bengel, Baker’s Kitchen managing partner says, "We've been doing things to try and get creative. We launched our French toast kit on Sunday that's gone very well, and we still have a lot of the great favorites."

A lot of local restaurants have adjusted their hours and plans and are offering more takeout and curbside options and even adding online ordering to reach their customers.

Bengel says, "You can order right through there pull right up in front and we bring it out to you and it's given us an opportunity to test something new that we've never done before."

Michael Lance, owner of MJ’s raw bar and Grille, says, "I saw I wanna try to keep the boat afloat so when we come back to shore we have something for everyone to come back to."

Many of these restaurants have been faced with tough decisions of keeping staff members and trying to work in as many as possible, but say none of it would be possible without the support of the community and campaign's like the 'Great American Takeout' movement.

Lance says, "We're trying to employ most of our kitchen staff by doing the carryouts and with the gracious support of our community with doing to-go orders we've been generating enough income to keep it going."

Bengel says,"Go out and support local restaurants, go support your favorite place as much as you can, eat out."

Green says, "We just can't tell you how much we appreciate the community and the support that they're giving us through this difficult time and I know all the restaurants would echo the same sentiment there."

If you would like to take part in the 'Great American Takeout' you are urged to call or visit the website of a local restaurant to see what take out options they are offering.