Local reaction to President Trump's controversial comments during immigration meeting

GREENVILLE, NC (WITN) Folks everywhere, including in eastern Carolina, have been reacting to remarks President Trump is said to have made, using profanity when describing African nations, during talks with lawmakers about immigration.

President Trump, speaking on November 14, 2017.

Teleah Dozier-Grady is a psychology major at ECU and says, "He should kinda be more professional about how he talks about other countries."

Student Robin Carter says the headlines weren't exactly brow raising for him either. "I don't know, it just seems like every day he's saying things like this."

But behind those headlines there's a whole other discussion going on in Joyner East at ECU.

Mary Tucker-McLaughlin is an associate professor in the ECU School of Communication and says,"We have to report these things because they are news."

Tucker-McLaughlin says she's not surprised some news organizations decided not to print or say the expletive.

She says, "Everybody watching TV is not an adult."

But Dozier-Grady and Carter say the articles they read did print it.

Dozier-Grady says, "That's our First Amendment."

Carter says, "Maybe they should use the word and tell the people exactly what he is saying."

Tucker-McLaughlin says one thing is for sure about whether to print or not to print. "Those are conversations that take place in newsrooms every day."