Local pediatricians try to ease fear for kids of people wearing masks

Published: Apr. 29, 2020 at 8:11 PM EDT
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As the state begins to think about reopening, a local pediatrician's office is doing what they can to take away some of the fears that come with our new normal when it comes to masks and children.

Seeing people wear a face mask was not common until recently and doctors say it can be overwhelming for kids, or even frightening.

To help ease those worries, the group at Oceanside Pediatrics in Morehead City has started wearing some creative masks and encouraging families to do the same. With help from a sewing group in Beaufort, these fun masks are helping. The office is also holding a contest for kids.

Dr. Andrew Kiluk says, "We're getting superhero masks, unicorn masks to make it fun and make it like this is normal right now for our kids and it's no big deal, just wear your mask and everything is going to be okay."

Doctor Kiluk says parents should let kids know that masks are not scary but there to help keep us healthy and to let their children know it's no big deal.

Health officials encourage all children over the age of two to wear a mask while outside of their home.