Local home buying & selling continues despite COVID-19

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) - For folks looking to buy or sell a home, that physical tour is put on hold due to concerns over coronavirus, so local realtors are making some changes.

Kunny Brothers is a Century 21 Properties realtor in Greenville and says buying and selling can all be done virtually. "Basically we can blame it on the circumstances or make changes to accommodate and that's what we’re doing."

Brothers even closed on a house Thursday without any physical contact.

Brothers says, "The package was mailed, the monies were wired to the attorney’s office and the closing took place."

But when it comes to construction, the owner of Grimes Built Construction, Chad Grimes, says they have some challenges. "From the construction aspect we have to figure out how many spec houses were gonna start with the demand that were going to have and that is what makes it interesting with the virus."

Grimes explains as of now there are more buyers in the marketplace than there are homes for sale. He says, "So it’s gonna be a little bit of a lag to find out exactly how it will affect the market."

From a health and sanitation standpoint, Grimes says most people don’t want a lot of people in and out of their homes right now.

Grimes says, "I don't see a lot of houses going on the market during this pandemic just because you know, most folks don't want someone coming through their home."

Grimes Built Construction and Pirate Realty are also using virtual tours to show off these properties, but Grimes says he is looking forward to things being back to normal.

Realtors are posting virtual tours on social media platforms like Facebook for anyone interested to see.