Local church offers free babysitting for 'Community Date Night'

WINTERVILLE, NC (WITN) - A local church is offering free babysitting services for a 'Community Date Night' event this month.

Reimage Church in Winterville held its first Community Date Night last September and expect to see 250-300 kids for their second one on February 10.

About 100 volunteers will be on hand to feed the kids dinner and do crafts and activities with them before they show a movie to end the night and ease pick-up time.

'Community Date Night' runs from 6-9pm on Saturday, February 10. Organizers say that it's an opportunity to give parents a few hours for themselves.

The babysitting services are offered for children between ages 3-11, who are potty-trained.

Anyone interested in taking advantage of the free opportunity can register online at reimagechurch.com, or by calling 252-355-6621.

Participants are asked to register in advance by Wednesday, February 7.