Local WWII Veterans honored

Published: Nov. 8, 2019 at 9:06 PM EST
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Friday, ahead of Veterans Day, 22 north Carolina veterans who fought in World War II were honored at the Greenville VA.

North Carolina is one of the largest populated states with veterans and several there Friday were proud of their service. "Well I was glad to serving - I really enjoyed being in service. I didn't ever get to stay behind and fighting and everything and I enjoyed it very much," said one World War II veteran, John Branham.

State Senator Don Davis said the state is spearheading efforts to lower veteran suicide rates, expand scholarships for children of wartime vets, and help make it easy to see their children before they serve. He says this is one way the state can honor their service. "We have to look at our nation in spite of any thoughts and know that we're able to experience and embrace the very democracy that we know today because of veterans," said Davis.

One World War II veteran present is the oldest living African American woman who fought in the war, alongside 350,000 other women. Over 16 million Americans served in that war.

For those who were lost during the war, Vietnam veteran Ray Chambers said they will always be in our hearts. "Some gave much, but some gave all. And they did, they were the ones that gave all. And so we absolutely thank them and revere them for that," he said.

Veteran's Day comes up next week on Tuesday, November 11th.

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