Life-saving EpiPens see huge price spike

NBC News Channel
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(KARE) -- Dr. Douglas McMahon hears daily complaints from patients in his allergy clinics about the rising costs of EpiPens.

The epinephrine injections are the only way to stop an allergic reaction once it starts. Now, with EpiPen as the only maker of the lifesaving medicine, both doctors and patients are reporting a four to five time increase in the price of the device.

“The problem is they sort of have a monopoly on it. The EpiPen was running $100 to $150 and there were some other competitors on the market that have fallen off unfortunately. So now the costs are a lot higher,” said Dr. McMahon.

Dr. McMahon said his patients are now paying $400 to $500 per device after a competitor, Auvi-Q, recently pulled its product from the market.