Lenoir County opening up middle, high school sports to home-schooled students

LENOIR COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) - One common concern among parents who home school their children is the non-educational aspect of it -- their social lives and meeting other people.

One school district in the east is now welcoming home-schooled students to participate in after-school sports.

Lenoir County school officials say they're opening up participation in middle and high school sports for students who are home-schooled. They'll have to meet eligibility requirements that were recently established by the North Carolina High School Athletic Association.

This upcoming fall, participation requires that the student be enrolled as both a home school student and public school student.

As outlined in a news release from Lenoir County Public Schools, a home school student must be registered with the home school for a year before becoming eligible to participate.

They have to be enrolled at the public school "of domicile" for at least half the school day. They'll also have to take at least one class on campus each semester. The principal of the school must be notified within 10 days before the first practice date of the season. As many might expect, they'll have to be on grade level according to a standardized test indicating grade level. School officials also say the student will have to pass the public school classes they're enrolled in.

If parents have questions, contact the Lenoir County Public Schools at 252-527-1109.