Lenoir County Fair opens Tuesday afternoon with workers making final inspections

LENOIR COUNTY, NC (WITN) - It’s a busy week for festivals and fairs in Eastern North Carolina, but life for those who work these events is always busy.

The Lenoir County fair began Tuesday afternoon at the county fairgrounds.

Rides are up and running, funnel cakes are frying and plenty of folks will be out to enjoy the Lenoir County Fair. But when people walk through the gates and see the lights flashing and rides moving, they may not know just how much work behind-the-scenes makes the fun possible.

Workers were still in the process of setting up and going through inspections on Tuesday afternoon.

One of the employees said it's a difficult lifestyle working about 350 days of the year with only about 15 days off.

Donald Bevans said he doesn't have a permanent residence, but that his home is where the job takes him.

He said whether you're in North Carolina, California, or Canada, it's all the same. Families and children just want to have fun and Bevans said when they do, that makes the 12-month grind all worth it.

Bevans has been working in the carnival community for 48 years. He said, he chose the carnival life over becoming a preacher or joining the family business.