Lenoir Community College service shines the spotlight on women in the military

KINSTON, NC (WITN) A Veterans Day ceremony is held every year at Lenoir Community College, but this year's was a little different as it put the spotlight on women past and present who have fought for our freedom, while also recognizing the recent progress that has been made.

Community members look to the stage at Briley Auditorium as students sang and performed for the annual ceremony.

And while these performances honor all service members, they're specifically focused on women and the challenges they've overcome.

That's something that guest speaker, Sergeant Shirley Wilcox from Seymour Johnson, has been doing her entire life in the Air Force.

Sgt. Wilcox says, "Most of the time I was the only women in the career field. We pretty much had to prove that your capable of doing the same things that men are capable of doing."

Wilcox has served as an aircraft mechanic since she was 18-years-old. Now, at almost forty, she's a Commander Chief over an air refueling wing.

Wilcox says, "It's not typical for a female to be a mechanic, so to prove the point, that yes, I'm capable of doing the same thing that you're doing and yes, it was a challenge."

Some of the female students who participated in the ceremony say it was such an honor to have Sgt. Wilcox at the performance. They say her journey has inspired them to consider going into service after they complete their degrees.