LEAP DAY: Pitt County man celebrating February 29th birthday

PITT COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) - 2020 is going to be a little longer than usual.

Every four years, you know we have a February 29th. Most February's we go from the 28th, straight to March 1st. That creates a bit of conflict for those who are actually born on a leap year.

Matthew Wright owns Lanoca Coffee Company in Farmville. He's also a parent of a middle school student. He's in his 40's. His daughter thinks differently.

"I will be 12," he says.

He and his daughter obviously are not that close in age.

"My daughter actually turns 12 in July, so she's excited about the fact that the following year, she will turn 13 and be able to tell me what to do -- according to her," Wright said.

Wright has a rare birthday -- February 29th. He's a leap day baby. There's only a February 29th every four years. When people ask when he celebrates his birthday, it used to grind his gears a bit.

"You can't do it on February 28th because it's not the 29th yet and by the first, it's too late," he said.

In fact, he remembers being in high school on the 29th. Things were normal, until a cake was delivered to his classroom.

"I sort of just wanted to sink in my chair," Wright said.

As he got older, whether he's 12 or in his 40's, he has learned to embrace it and have some fun with it.

"It does make you unique," Wright said. "It's something you certainly appreciate later in life than you do at the time when some of these awkward things happen."

His daughter, Mary Beth, feels bad sometimes.

"Sometimes I feel kind of bad he doesn't want to celebrate his birthday and he doesn't want anything," she said.

She holds him to the fact that next year, when she turns 13, she will be older.

"Finally I can tell him what to do," she said. "Maybe."

Dad on the other hand --

"No," he said referring to whether he will let her tell him what to do.

"Really dude?" Mary Beth said with a smile.

"Maybe," Matthew responded. "Maybe pick and choose your moments."