Kinston looking at ideas to prevent future flooding

Published: Mar. 28, 2017 at 8:39 PM EDT
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After major damage from Hurricane Matthew, Kinston City Council is looking at how to prevent future flooding.

Kinston Mayor BJ Murphy says they approved a resolution to provide some options they think could help with flood prevention.

Some of those include dredging the Neuse River, nagging and dragging the Neuse, which means going through and picking things up from the waters, talks of adding another dam somewhere between Falls Lake and the coast, and even discussing alternative sources of water supply from Raleigh.

With two historical floods in the last three decades, the mayor says they don't just need money to demolish houses anymore.

"We believe no matter the expense of mitigating future flood losses is not worth 28 more lives and that's what happened with Hurricane Matthew, so we really see that another dam or dredging the Neuse are just options and ways to help prevent future flooding."

Murphy says the Governor's Office, General Assembly members and federal delegation members already have a copy of this resolution.

They also have meetings scheduled in Raleigh Wednesday, hoping to spark a study bill that will consider costs and engineering for these ideas.