Kids & adults have fun in the snow in Greenville

GREENVILLE, NC (WITN) Thursday night's weather left a blanket of snow for kids and adults to enjoy.

Friday morning two kids in Greenville made a snowman and they said there's a special ingredient to making a snowman come to life. "We have to make arms, then eyes with M&M's."

Over at the Town Common in Greenville kids were sledding, making snow angels and having snow ball fights.

They were coming up with creative ways to get down the hill, some were sliding on their knees others surfing on their boards.

"On the sled board we were riding down it's almost like a surf board, but down a hill while snowing," said Cameron Moyer.

Some even drove 700 miles chasing the snow. Brad Gonyer and his family are from Florida and when they saw the snow they decided they would hop in the car and come for a snow day. Ten hours later they arrived in Greenville. Gonyer said, "I wanna say two days ago it was a no, then we seen the snow and of course we jumped in the cars and like literally took off in like two hours."

Pitt County Schools had a snow day Friday and Monday they have a teacher work day, so the kids have a nice long weekend ahead of them.