Keep your pets safe during the Fourth of July holiday

With the Fourth of July holiday just one day away, many communities across the east are preparing to light up the sky- and while fireworks typically call for a celebration, for pets, it is often a reason to run and hide.

According to, animal control officials see a 30% increase in lost pet reports from July 4-6, which is the largest increase than any other time of year.

The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center is offering tips to keep your pet safe and sound this holiday:

-Keep your pet in a secure, quiet, indoor space during fireworks
-Try to drown out loud noises by closing windows and turning on music or television
-Keep your pet on their normal diet to prevent them from getting sick
-Keep toxic items, like sunscreen, insect repellent, matches, and citronella candles, out of reach
-Keep your pet on a leash if outdoors
-Pet or talk to your animal to calm them down
-Try and go about your daily routine normally

Ahead of the holiday, make sure your pet is wearing a collar.

You can also download the ASPCA mobile app that helps you find your pet in case of an emergency.