KC-130 CRASH: Marine's body escorted to Arlington

JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (WITN) - The body of a Camp Lejeune Marine, one of 16 service members killed in Mississippi last month, is on its way to Arlington National Cemetery.

Sgt. Joseph Murray was one of seven members of Lejeune's 2nd Marine Raider Battalion killed July 10th when a KC-130 crashed in a field.

The Patriot Riders gathered at Jones Funeral Home in Jacksonville early Monday morning to escort the Marine's body to Arlington. Murray's parents were given a token of remembrance for their son's service.

"We're honored to be able to do the mission for him," said Ed Faude, district Patriot Guard captain. "It's humbling for us to be able to give back to this individual, to his family."

Many of the same members escorted Murray's body from the Raleigh-Durham Airport just a few weeks ago.

"We saw when we brought him in from Raleigh-Durham, people lining the streets, waving signs for the family, showing a tremendous amount of respect, and it brings a tear to your eye just to watch," said Patriot Guard member Bob Page.

Some motorcycle riders came as far as Charlotte for the nearly six hour escort to Virginia.

Sgt. Murray leaves behind a wife and four young children.