June Mom of the Month: Faith Lyles

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RICHLANDS, N.C. (WITN) - The story of our June Mom of the Month is one of struggle and triumph, and she's hoping to pass on those valuable lessons through her work and her two beautiful daughters.

Sophie is six years old and Shye is four. Both girls are princesses as far as their mom, Faith Lyles, is concerned.

"Oh just like Cinderella, that is perfect," she says to her girls as they try on princess dresses.

Whether it's getting dolled up in the fanciest gowns or harvesting their green thumbs in their backyard garden, family time is a big deal in their Richlands home.

But it hasn't always been glitter and giggles for these three.

"About three days after my second daughter was born, their first father decided he didn't want to be a part of their lives pretty abruptly," Lyles says. "I was devastated, completely incapacitated."

That stormy time in her life was about to deepen. Later that year in 2013, a flood ravaged her small Colorado town.

So she packed up her two tiny bundles and moved to Onlsow County to surface from the tough times and finally breathe again.

"There was a point there before we moved to North Carolina where I saw no hope," Lyles remembers. "I saw no positivity. I saw nothing."

Even after her move, she says she was fired from a new job for missing too many days caring for the girls when they were sick or when she just couldn't afford daycare.

But slowly, she said her faith in God helped her find the sunshine.

"When I came over here to DSS, it was really made well known here that family comes first," she says.

Faith uses her own struggle to help as a case worker for the Department of Social Services in Onslow County, now trying to help others stay afloat.

"There's hundreds and hundreds of people in my caseload that are either receiving Medicaid for the aged, blind or disabled, and/or food stamps," Lyles explains. "It's just a matter of somebody who honestly cares what their problem is and wants to help them find a solution. A lot of these people don't have friends or family in the area."

And those are the cases, that just hit home.

"There's a couple people in my caseload and in my former caseload that just have an absolute place in my heart," she tells WITN. "And I made them promise to call in and check in with me every few weeks."

Not only is Faith now able to provide the stability and financial security she once thought was impossible, her girls now have an amazing father.

Fiance Josh Rahn built Sophie and Shye their princess room so that they each have a top bunk, a desk underneath complete with a chandelier, and a dress up station to hold and display his daughters' royal gowns.

Over the past three years, Josh has also worked to make sure Faith never stops smiling again.

"She's always trying to figure out how we can help somebody else as well as putting the girls first," he says. "It's always a constant, that's truly why I fell in love with her, she's just such a generous and kindhearted person."

Growing up in foster care, Rahn says he wants nothing more than to be the father he didn't have.

With "adventures" tattooed on their arms, this couple says their traumatic pasts help them to count every blessing, love every day they have together and to never stop growing.

"Every day it rings through to me that I'm so blessed that I got a chance as a mother to show my girls what strength is, what prosperity is, what hope is, and I need to remind them every single day of their worth," Lyles says.

WITN's Mom of the Month is revealed every third Monday of the month. Each mom receives a $100 gift card, as well as a year's worth of oil changes from Johnny's Tire Sales and Service in Greenville.