July Mom of the Month: Darilyn Cuthrell

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BLOUNTS CREEK, N.C. (WITN) - They say your past can dictate who you become in life and what your future will hold. That couldn't be more true for WITN's July Mom of the Month, Darilyn Cuthrell.

"We were raised in orphanages and foster care and in and out with my daddy," she says.

She credits one foster family for really giving her enough love to get through that tough time.

So this Beaufort County mom and her husband, Bobby, have been paying it forward over the past few decades.

"When we got married, I had three children, two boys and a girl, and he had three boys," Darilyn says. "Then when we started foster care, we adopted Nathan."

Nathan ended up having a daughter, Sara, who is now 16.

He and the mother were not able to care for her, so the Cuthrell's eventually adopted her when she was around 3 years old. Nathan passed away when he was 26.

And out of about a dozen other kids that have come through the Cuthrell's Blounts Creek home, another one, Amerie, has sewn something deep in their heart.

"I just love her, I love taking care of her," Darilyn says.

They've had Amerie since she was two months old. They say part of this four-year-old's disabilities are drug related and that her mom wasn't able to take care of her.

While a nurse helps out at the home part of the day, Darilyn is dedicated to Amarie's constant care.

"For the kids, somebody that will speak up for the kids, she speaks up for them and she's there for them," Bobby says. "She knows doctering good enough to know just what they need and stuff like that, it's just unreal what she can do and say."

Sara also helps out with her little sister with special needs. With similar stories of having parents unable to care for them, these two have a special bond not just with their mom, but with each other.

"Sara wants her when we're not able to take care of her and when she's old enough," Darilyn says.

This Mom of the Month has a special prescription for foster kids, something fostered in her from her own past.

"These children need love and if you give them plenty of love, they just blossom," she explains.

"Just the unconditional love she's had for people that aren't even her own blood, but to us, blood doesn't mean anything," Sara tells WITN. "She's always taken care of us the best that she could, even with financial and physical challenges, she's always found a way to take care of us."

Sara has been so inspired by her mom that she wants to follow in her footsteps and foster kids as well.

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