Journalist Soledad O'Brien lectures at ECU

GREENVILLE, NC (WITN) Award winning journalist and entrepreneur Soledad O'Brien was in the east speaking to students at ECU Wednesday evening.

O'Brien, a former CNN anchor who now hosts Sunday morning political show "Matter of Fact," lectured at East Carolina University.

O 'Brien told the crowd inside Wright Auditorium about the importance of understanding stories from diverse backgrounds, both in our lives and in the media.

She says she believes that's especially important as the next generation of jouralists join an industry being changed by the social media landscape

O'Brien says, "Politics as a sport is uninteresting to me. Politics where you're dealing with issues and being unafraid to have serious conversations,
that's far more interesting to me."

That caught freshman biochemistry major Destinee Bumpers' attention in a time when social media perception can sometimes blur the line between facts and opinions.

Bumpers says, "You need to know the background of it, like you need to know how people interact with it so it was just important that what you may think may not actually be it's reality."

O'Brien says achieving what she has can all be done with a listening ear and a willingness to show up and work hard. "Trying to get better, to pushing yourself to figure out what you're not doing well. It's not a mystery and that's the advice I always give students whether they're journalists or not."

O'Brien also owns her own media production company and reports for HBO's Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, as well as PBS News Hour.

ECU will host its next lecture in this series in November and will feature a recipient of the North Carolina Medal for Science.