Jay-Z opens up about why he boycotted the Grammys in 1999

Source: MGN

NEW YORK (AP) - Jay-Z said though he boycotted the Grammys almost two decades ago, he's better served helping the Recording Academy grow instead of abandoning it.

At Clive Davis' pre-Grammy gala, Jay-Z said initially boycotted because DMX had an amazing year in music but didn't earn any nominations at the 1999 Grammys. Jay-Z won best rap album that year though he didn't attend the show.

He said, "I didn't come back until... 2004 when a beautiful, young lady whom I love dearly had a solo album ... the beautiful Miss Beyonce."

He said, "We care 'cause we've seen the most incredible artists stand on that stage and we're inspired to be that, so I was like, 'I have to be here.'"

Jay-Z earned the Grammy Salute to Industry Icons Award at the event.