James Sprunt holds in-person summer school registration

DUPLIN COUNTY, NC (WITN) - One community college held a face-to-face course registration Monday for summer classes. Those classes start Tuesday with some classes held in-person in classrooms at James Sprunt Community College in Duplin County.

James Sprunt Community College had last-minute summer registration Monday on campus. The face-to-face registration follows two months of nearly no physical contact between students and staff.

Also, Instructors have been and will continue to allow in-person classes for programs deemed essential. The essential programs include law enforcement, emergency medical services, and nursing.

Student Jordan Green, who’s studying to become a police officer said, some skills are best taught in person.

“We can actually sit, and be there, and be hands-on, and learn how to perform our duties rather than having to sit behind a computer screen. So, it helps a lot.“

“Anything that is community-driven. Essential programs, that we need those folks to continue to graduate, and go out, and do what they do in the community,“ said James Sprunt President Jay Carraway.

The majority of lecture-style classes will remain online. James Sprunt Community College leaders said summer enrollment is up compared to last summer.