DAD: Four-year-old doing well after being attacked by rabid feral cat

JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (WITN) - The father of one of three children attacked by a rabid feral cat says his son is doing fine.

Aaron Duncan was scratched by the feral cat Sunday evening in the parking lot of the Bowlarena on Western Boulevard in Jacksonville.

Kaleb Duncan says he told his 4-year-old son not to do anything with the cat, which was under the car next to theirs. While they were walking inside, he says the cat scratched Aaron's leg.

The child spent five hours in the hospital receiving eight shots for the four scratches.

"He's doing fine," said Duncan. "No fever or nausea or anything like that. He was complaining this morning of his scratches hurting a bit."

Health officials announced Tuesday that the cat had tested positive for rabies.

Animal Services for Onslow County has set up traps in the area to locate other stray animals and urge residents not to feed them.

Duncan doesn't blame the bowling alley and says he wants people to always be aware of stray animals and that you should not feed them.

Two young girls were attacked by the same cat before it attacked Aaron. All three children have been treated with vaccines.

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Three children in one Eastern Carolina city are being treated after they were attacked by a feral cat.

The Onslow County Health Department says tests came back today that confirmed the cat had rabies.

They say Sunday evening in the area of 433 Western Boulevard in Jacksonville, the feral cat attacked two young girls and later attacked a young boy.

Health officials say during the second attack, the boy's father was able to incapacitate the cat as animal services responded.

The three children are being treated with vaccines, according to the health department.

Feral cats roam and often live and travel in colonies. Animal services says people should keep their distance from any unknown animals, especially if they are showing aggressive behavior.