Is your HVAC system ready for the cold weather?

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GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) - As the temperatures drop, you turn on the heat, but how do you know your system is ready for the cold?

Service technicians with heating and air conditioning companies in Greenville were busy doing these routine system checks Tuesday.

Sam Pollard and Son, along with Delcor Inc., say they check the pressure in gas systems and filters.

They say just like your car, you should have a professional come out and make sure all the elements in the unit are in good working order and to wait until the last minute can be costly.

Bill Hudson is a homeowner that requests service to his heating and air conditioning system during the spring and the fall.

"You never know when it could happen, but you feel a little bit better when a professional has come out and checked it to make sure is as good as it could be right now," he tells WITN.

As for your pipes, service technicians say to make sure you close off the vents and crawlspaces underneath your house and disconnect hoses from water spigots.

Now is also the time to have a plan to insulate your pipes to protect them from freezing.