If the holiday season has you feeling like a Grinch behind the wheel, a new study says you're not alone

GREENVILLE, NC (WITN) - Tech company Gas Buddy says drivers are nearly 200 percent more aggressive during the holidays. The company attributes the unpleasant attitude to shopping, gift giving, and family visiting.

Gas buddy, which helps drivers find gas stations online and in their app, looked at drive data from millions of users during thanksgiving weekend.

They found more speeding, quick acceleration, and hard braking. State highway patrol says it's best to budget extra time when you hit the road this time of year.

North Carolina Highway Patrol Trooper Doug Coley said, "They may have multiple locations that they're going to have to stop so they try to make up time with speed and often that's ingredients for disaster."

Gas Buddy also says aggressive driving can hurt your wallet. Its study found aggressive driving can lower your gas mileage by 40 percent.