‘If he gets off the ground, blow his brains out': Dramatic 911 call released in love triangle murder

SNEADS FERRY, NC (WITN) - A dramatic 911 call was released today, more than a week after a Sneads Ferry man was gunned down in his home.

John Price, Jr. remains in the Onslow County jail on a murder charge after last Wednesday night's shooting at the Harbor Point RV community.

Killed was 54-year-old Wayne Curry.

"I seen him go inside with the shotgun," a neighbor told Onslow County 911. "He shot it once and then walked back out."

Sheriff Hans Miller says the shooting stemmed from a love triangle, as Price's estranged wife was living with Curry.

"I know who stays over there. He said the woman's husband said he was going to shoot them", the neighbor told telecommunicators.

The 911 caller said he saw Price in the yard. Sheriff Miller says neighbors managed to hold Price at gunpoint until deputies arrived.

"We got him at gunpoint now, he's laying on the ground," the man told 911.

The caller then apparently went over where they had Price on the ground, while still on the phone with 911.

"Down, down, down. Get back, get back, get back. Don't you get. Down. You stay on the ground," the man is heard yelling. "Get back, get back. Hold the gun, hold the gun. Get back. I'm gonna stay and make sure these guns are safe. Don't let him get up. If he gets up, shoot his a**. If he gets off the ground blow his brains out."

The caller told 911 that the victim was dead, "He blowed his brains out", while there were loaded shotguns in Price's truck.

"Send the cops, please. This is going to be a mess," the man pleaded with 911. "Get back. Don't get up homeboy, I'm fixing to kick your face in."

Ten minutes later, deputies arrived and took Price into custody.

Curry's funeral was held this morning in Sneads Ferry.