IRS still waiting on 50 million returns

EASTERN CAROLINA, NC (WITN) The IRS says more than a 103 million individual income tax returns have been filed there are many people who are waiting until the last minute to get everything filed.

The IRS says as many as 50 million taxpayers have yet to file.

If you are one of those people, it's important to note that you have until midnight April 15th to get everything submitted.

if the deadline seems to be coming too quick, local tax professionals recommend filing for an extension.

You can file for the extension right on the IRS's website and officials say this will help you avoid some fees.

Karen Spruill with Down South Accounting and Tax says, "The filing penalty is 5 percent per month so filing the extension to file the tax return they will avoid paying that late filing penalty."

The extension gives taxpayers another 6 months to file but officials urge you get your papers in order sooner rather than later.