Hurricane Florence relief grants helping college students during hardship

CRAVEN COUNTY, NC (WITN) - Hurricane Florence relief grants are helping community college students in the East stay enrolled in classes despite hardships from hurricane damage.

But 18-point-5 million dollars in disaster relief funds for community colleges across the East, like Craven Community College, can ease those worries.

100 students at Craven Community College have already applied for grant money, and one student, who was approved said, the money has already eased the minds of her parents who have 6 children and lost their home to Hurricane Florence.

The amount of money granted to each student ranges based on their current situation. One student, Stevie Gaskins, was awarded 12-hundred dollars and says the money is a tremendous help. "It helped a lot. Not only with bills that I have to pay, but with my parents and going to a university next year."

Craven Community College is one of 21 community colleges in the state to receive hurricane relief money to award to students who have already lost so much at home.

Craig Ramey with Craven Community College said, helping students during hardship is part of the role of the school.

Ramey said, "The impact on our area, we'll never know the true scope of it it's so large. But I think we all saw a sense of community in how we wanted to come together and a desire to start rebuilding and moving forward and looking ahead. And of course education is one of the ways that we do that."

The grant applies to all students, including workforce development and trade programs, as well as university transfer programs.