GOVERNOR: House override of budget veto deceitful

RALEIGH, NC (AP) - Gov. Roy Cooper says Republican House members ``waged an assault on our democracy'' with their surprise vote to override his budget veto.

The Democratic governor held a news conference on Wednesday, hours after the unexpected call for a vote by House Speaker Tim Moore. The override still must be successful in the Senate, but the House was always the greater obstacle for GOP leaders in a 2{-month budget stalemate.

Barely one-third of the House Democrats were on the chamber floor. Democrats said they had been told that no recorded votes would be taken Wednesday morning. Cooper said ``this was a lie.'' Several House Democrats screamed at Moore on the floor as he pushed through the override vote.

Cooper urged Senate Democrats to stay united and uphold his veto. He said Wednesday's ``fiasco'' has destroyed the trust he could have with House Republican leaders.

The House overrode the governor's budget veto Wednesday morning.

The House voted 55-9 in an early morning session.

The House has 120 members, but many Democratic representatives were reportedly absent at the time of the vote.

The budget will now go on to the Senate. The Senate would also need to override the veto in order for the budget to go into effect.

Governor Cooper vetoed the $24 billion budget in June after saying it lacked Medicaid expansion and pay raises for teachers.