Home schooled seniors dedicate project to community

GREENVILLE, NC (WITN) - Some home schooled seniors are leaving their mark on the community after their recent graduation with a bench dedicated to an educational center in Greenville.

The 5 home school seniors in Pitt County worked together on a senior service project to give back as they prepare for college and new adventures.

The group built a personalized bench and donated it to students and staff at the 3rd Street Education Center Tuesday morning. The recent grads say it was a meaningful way to remember their years growing up in Greenville.

Graduate Yasmine Parker said, "These kids will be able to enjoy this for years to come, and I am glad that I get to leave my mark in Greenville even if that's not where I end up being in years I can still say that I have a part of me left in Greenville."

As for what's next for the graduates, some will enroll in college immediately while others plan to travel and see the world before continuing their education.