Healthy Habits: Watching carbs to manage & prevent diabetes

GREENVILLE, NC (WITN) - Looking ahead, November is National Diabetes Awareness Month and in this month's Healthy Habits segment with Vidant Health, Susan Houston shared some tips on preventing and/or managing diabetes.

Houston is a Registered Nurse, CDE Health Coach and certified diabetes educator. She says 30 millions people have diabetes and an even greater number, 86 million, have pre-diabetes, which means they are well on their way to developing the condition without serious lifestyle changes.

Houston says most diabetes can be prevented and managed by achieving and maintaining a healthy weight and doing regular exercise.

While "carbs" often get a bad reputation as being bad for your health, they're necessary to help fuel your body and give you energy.

Be sure to watch the attached video for Houston's explanation of how to balance your carbohydrate intake and what a proper portion looks like.

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The 17th annual Winning with Diabetes Conference is also planned for Wednesday, November 7 at the Edwin W. Monroe Conference Center in Greenville. Check-in starts at 8:30am and programming is from 9am-3pm. Anyone interested in attending can call 252-847-8265 or email for more information.

You may also wish to talk to your healthcare provider about:
-Diabetes Self Management Education Program
-Diabetes Prevention Program
- Diabetes support group
- Nutrition Counseling with a Registered Dietitian

You can find a certified diabetes educator at .

Another source recommended by Vidant Health is