Hair stylist prepares to reopen with changes in place

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GREENVILLE, NC (WITN) - After two months out of work, hair stylists across the state are preparing to reopen.

Adele Ange, owner of Adele’s Salon, says she will officially open her doors back up to clients Saturday morning.

“This has been a long haul. We’re all ready to get back to work,” Ange said.

Ange says while many are eager to get a haircut, it won’t be the same experience people may remember it as.

“It will definitely be different. There’s a new norm in the salon. I’m only booking one client at a time. I think a lot of hair stylists are doing the same thing. We’re allowing time between each client because we are expected to sanitize after every person,” said Ange.

Ange says she is easing back into business in order to stay on top of the new guidelines in place. She says there are other requirements for all salons to follow, including signage to remind people to stay six feet a part and having all staff members wear masks.

Salons are also advised to tell clients to avoid booking an appointment if they’ve had a cough or fever. Ange says she is planning to screen each patient before they walk through her doors to be certain.

“I have a screening log to give to my clients as they enter to make sure that we keep up with taking temperatures,” said Ange.

All salons are allowed to officially reopen at 5 p.m. as part of phase two of Governor Cooper's order.