Group hopes to buy Jones County campsite to house hurricane volunteers

JONES COUNTY, NC (WITN) - Eastern North Carolina still needs volunteers to help with Hurricane Florence recovery, but in some areas, there is nowhere for volunteers to stay.

Volunteer housing is limited but working hands are needed as Jones County hosts volunteers from Pennsylvania this week. They are working on a home that the owners wondered would ever be repaired.

Homeowner Jeffrey Thigpen is grateful. "We've been told that they would be coming, but we've been waiting, and I am just so glad to see them here"

Volunteers say they can't repair everything but will do what they can to make the resident's lives better.

"we're not going to change their whole lives this week, but just a glimmer of hope that people that don't live here and aren't from here, and don't see this every day, are still willing to come out and help them, I think that's just a good feeling of hope," said one volunteer.

Volunteer groups from all over the country are have offered to help Jones county recover, but this small, outdated youth camp cannot house nearly enough.

Scott Murphy with the MX Network non-profit group says they plan to buy the old campground to house volunteers. He says the county could recover in 3 years if they had more volunteers.

Right now, they're using an old campground for volunteers to stay near Jones County. Currently, about 100 people can stay here but with renovations, they could have up to 250 volunteers.

Recovery efforts are expected to cost 800 thousand dollars.